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Aboriginal Art | Angel in the Stars | Limited Release

Aboriginal Art | Angel in the Stars | Limited Release

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Do you ever look to the stars to find love ones who have passed. This is what this art work represents. Within the last year I have lost some people who mean the world to me and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

297mm x 420mm below is printed on 300gsm

Artworks are printed with a 5 mm outer margin

Artworks are printed on coloured paper for an eye-catching result.

420mm x 594mm is printed 

160gsm coated paper 

The artworks deliver brilliant and vivid colours through a superior printing process that provides beautiful stunning pieces that you can display.

 20 to only be printed per size. 

Angel in the stars is dedicated to the wonderful Debra Lee Walker, my Mother in law, a wonderful Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt and Friend. She was the life of the party.

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